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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dry tears and Do something

 I do not believe in staying home and feeling sorry for myself, but I also do not believe in taking the law into my own hands--However, the pen is indeed more powerful than the sword--I therefore present a list of petitions for your consideration and please sign the ones that your own conscious leads you to sign-IF possible and if you have a mind for more and/or others there are links to addition petition sights--Thank you for you time and consideration.

hottest petitions


Alaska's Wildlife at Risk

Tell Interior Secretary Salazar to protect critical wildlife habitat in the Arctic from oil operations.
signatures: 32,993

Protect Threatened Fisheries

Urgent: River herring and shad, crucial to the survival of other ocean species, need your help before June!
signatures: 29,496

Protect Elephants From Poaching

Ivory poachers have already killed hundreds of elephants this year in just one national park in Cameroon.
signatures: 63,861