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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seperating Fact From Fiction Before It Is Too Late 4 Us ALL

Dear Reader, I am passing this e-mail along because this sitting back and letting the 'Far Right' Label everyone who do not march in lock step with them nor 'Goose Step' to their beat cannot continue. 'The Far Right' has had free reign to mislabel too many people according to their own Bias far far too long.  'The Far Right' have lied, cheated, stolen, deceived and spread hate in the Name of Jesus for far too long--This EVIL must end, before the Name of Jesus becomes polluted by the 'Far Right'.
Tell the Heartland Institute
to Apologize for their Hateful
Ad Campaign!

Take Action!
Take Action!
Are you just like the Unabomber? Of course not, but that's what the climate deniers at the Heartland Institute are saying.
Today in Chicago, the liberatarian think tank commissioned billboards that compare good, decent Americans who believe in climate disruption to murderous psychopaths like Charles Manson and Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. Decades of lying on behalf of the coal, oil and natural gas industries seem to have distorted the Heartland Insitute's view of what's right and what's wrong.1
It's not funny. It's not even controversial. It's unacceptable. Tell the Heartland Institute to apologize for its hateful ad campaign!
To most of us, it's clear that climate disruption is already happening. From extreme droughts in Texas to an almost snowless winter in Boston, it's obvious that something is going on and Americans are taking action. Last week, we helped deliver over 800,000 comments to the EPA in support of its historic proposal to limit industrial carbon pollution and curb global climate disruption.
Big Coal and Big Oil are running scared and The Heartland Institute's despicable ad campaign is a sign that they're getting desperate.
Show Heartland that we won't stand for this last ditch effort to protect big polluters. Let's present them with 20,000 messages from around the country demanding an apology!
Thanks for all you do to protect our environment!
Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club
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Well, I confess I am not much of a Facebooker--God only Knows What my Facebook Page looks like--I mean I occationally share, but that is it. After all, my time on Facebook is basically limited to that--I spend far more time here on my blog, which is why I do far more sharing here than there also I blog in the same style, or close to it, as I use to post on the Mixxingbowl, which I deeply miss and the old friends that I use to have there, but without the Mixxingbowl have lost contact with, like a branch that has been cut off from the tree.

Trans Woman “Punished for Surviving” Hate Crime

Trans Woman “Punished for Surviving” Hate Crime
Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, a black, transgendered college student from Minnesota, has pled guilty to charges of second degree manslaughter after defending herself against a violent attack by three men and women shouting racist and transphobic slurs.
When one of the women smashed a glass into McDonald’s face, lacerating a salivary gland and cutting through her cheek, she tried to flee the scene to seek medical attention. McDonald was followed by one of the men, Dean Schmitz. Injured and afraid, she pulled a pair of scissors from her purse to try to scare him away, and in the ensuing fight says that Schmitz grabbed her and pulled her toward him, resulting in the scissors stabbing him in the chest. Schmitz died as a result of the wounds.
What is clear is that McDonald was acting in self-defense. Would she have been arrested if she were white? Cisgendered? It’s impossible to say, but it’s hard to read about cases like the Trayvon Martin murder and not reach the conclusion that African Americans are denied the benefit of the doubt in self-defense cases. . . .

The Questions are --- By What Stretch of the Over-Active Imagination is this JUSTICE????  By What Stretch of the Over-Active Imagination would this--the Attack on an Innocent person--be What Jesus Would Do???? Does the By the Name of Jesus is Evil Truly Cast Out or Does Evil Secretly Hide behind The Name of Jesus???  

AMERICA--AMERICA-AMERICA-Please--WHATEVER HAPPENED TO-->"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

ALL--As in each and every person regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender preference and gender identification.