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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Morning--Part 1

 Check out this mother's day ad from the moms at the Communication Workers of America who are tangling over a contract with Verizon.
And along the same lines, there's another video from our friends at Brave New Films working with California Domestic Workers United asking for labor protections for domestic workers--the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights--in that state.
Is it me, or are more and more people pushing back against the conventional mother's day narrative and pointing out the actual policy changes we need for moms and caregivers?    Read more

More than Cards and Flowers, Women want Respect--Respect the fact that she really does work hard for her money and pay her--accordingly.


The mother of Trayvon Martin released an emotional video May 11 on behalf of an anti-violence organization called “Second Chance on Shoot First.” Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Martin, took to the Internet to call on people to urge their lawmakers to “re-examine” Stand Your Ground Laws.
These laws, which have proliferated across the country, say that a person who feels threatened can use force in self-defense. The law was the reason why George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed the unarmed Martin, was not arrested for a month and a half after the shooting.    Read more
No, Mother should bury a child, who is 'Guilty until proven Innocent' --So many have whined and cried that Poor George Zimmerman was Rail Roaded by a Liberal lynch Mob, but those Conservatives who did the whining and crying--Forgot one thing--That no one would have anything to talk about IF George Zimmerman had listen to the Police and did what they told him, which was to back off, but he did not--George Zimmerman was to busy deciding that Trayvon Martin was too Guilty to be innocent--And yet, these very same Conservatives accuse those of us who sought Justice of forming a lynch mob--Get Real!!!!!

  As everyone who reads this blog knows, I am probably less sanguine about the outcome of the current assault on women's rights than some, but that's only because I'm old and I foolishly believed much of this was settled long ago when I was young. Maybe it's just that when you reach a certain age you realize that change, both good and bad, happens over a longer time horizon than you were able to see when you were younger and I'm seeing that some things peaked and seem to be going the wrong way.    Read more
This is Why the Fight For Equality must begin again.