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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Is Also About The World We Share--So We Must Learn To Share The World

More Than 1 Million People Urge White House to Stop Shell’s Arctic DrillingOn May 15th, more than one million people called on President Barack Obama to save the Arctic from oil drilling. Petitions with more than a million signatures were delivered by citizens, Alaska residents and environmental leaders to the White House, where citizens gathered to ask the president to stop Shell Oil from drilling this summer.
“Shell’s ships are already on the way to drill in the icy Arctic waters, putting human life, polar bears and whales at risk in harsh, stormy conditions,” said Miyoko Sakashita, oceans director at the Center for Biological Diversity, which has worked for many years to keep offshore drilling out of the Arctic Ocean. “President Obama has a small window to stop Shell from spoiling the Arctic, and that’s exactly what people across the country are asking him to do.”-- Alex Ralston, Center for Biological Diversity

After all, do we really want to drive any species to extinction, including species like the Polar Bear?  Before we drive any more species to extinction, may be we should stop and think about extinction before it is too late.

today's action How Much Do You Know About Extinction?

Scientists with the Alliance for Zero Extinction are concerned that public perception about species extinctions may not be based on true facts.

By taking our quiz developed for AZE by American Bird Conservancy, you can be a part of important scientific research. All you have to do is answer three simple questions that will help these scientists learn what everyday people like us know about extinction -- is there a difference between perception and reality? The results could be used in an upcoming scientific research paper.

Be a part of important scientific research today! For today's Daily Action, take this short quiz that tells us what you know about extinction.

Meet the Cutest Animal Moms and Their Babies (Slideshow)After all, do we really want to create and live in a world where species like the Polar Bear can only be found in zoos? 

This is why we need and must start turning our attention away--far away from fossil fuels, which are not only running out, but are also one of the main causes of Global Warming, with only a few business (1%) profitting from fossil fuels, but everyone paying the price.
This is yet another reason that Shell Must Be Stopped From-->

Breaking: Shell Sues the Center for Biological Diversity – Again

Breaking: Shell Sues the Center for Biological Diversity – Again

Shell Oil has done it again. The oil giant just filed another lawsuit against the Center for Biological Diversity and 13 other environmental groups who are trying to protect the Arctic from dangerous drilling. . . .
The Arctic is just too important to hand over to oil companies. Building on more than a decade of legal and scientific work, the Center and its allies will continue to fight on every front to keep the Arctic, and all its wild inhabitants, alive.
Get the latest on what the Center is doing to stop Arctic oil development and then visit to tell President Obama to protect one of America’s last, best wildernesses and stop Shell’s reckless drilling plans