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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning Mix continues into the Afternoon--still fighting the good fight

How To Kill An Attack Ad By Telling The Truth

How To Kill An Attack Ad By Telling The Truth (Video)The conservative group Americans for Prosperity, founded by one of the billionaire Koch brothers and now backing Mitt Romney, recently launched a $6.1 million attack ad against the Obama administration, an ad accusing the Obama administration of wasting billions and sending jobs overseas through green energy projects.
Rather than play the ad in order to refute its insinuations and flat-out lies, Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager of the Obama team, created a response to take down the lies one-by-one. Amazing – a campaign ad that doesn’t talk down to the American people, but treats us like adults by giving us some actual facts.
She explains the reason for the ad: Obama would take away billions of dollars in unnecessary oil tax breaks, while Mitt Romney would keep them.
Then she highlights some of those lies:
*  The administration gave money to build electric cars in Finland? No.
*  The administration sent money to China at build traffic lights? No.
*  The administration gave money to a company building a solar plant in Mexico? No.

This is what angers me about the Religious Far-Right--they talk about worshiping the Father is Spirit and In Truth, but I have caught them in one lie after another. One classic example, was the Right-Wing Radio Station that I use to listen to in the morning, because it was the only Christian Station broadcasting in Ohio.
I remember one afternoon, before my evening shift job began I happened to turn on the computer, just as President Obama's speech was beginning so I listened to it. The very next morning, the Christian Radio Station did it so-called commentary on it, but in point of fact completely distorted to the point of deception and even paraded Speaker of the House Bohner to continue the absolute distortion of the President's Speech. After all, what they were saying that he said--I remember him saying the exact opposite.
IF only the Religious Right would practice what they preach, instead of sitting in Judgment and Hypocrisy.

And, since, Fighting the Good Fight also includes or should include looking and finding lost children let us begin with-->

MISSING 3 YEAR OLD From HOUSTON,TX USA, Can You Please Assist to Help Find Him.

And to find other Missing Children and /or others who need to be found--Please go to any or all of these sights-->
World  (tags: usa, missing, child, adult, media, police, ncmec, inmca ) Thank You--Thank You--Thank You!!!

MISSING 3 YEAR OLD From HOUSTON,TX USA, Can you please assist to help find him.
: duplicate
After all, the more of us who are looking for him to be returned to his family the more likely he will be returned to his family, hopefully and prayerfully safe and sound along with far too many other children who are listed as 'Missing' they too need to be found and returned to their families.   
There are too many Children Missing and need to be Found--we need each other more and more--for without each other how else are these Children Going to Be Found.

US Should Return Stolen Land to Indian Tribes, Says United Nations

James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, said no member of the US Congress would meet him as he investigated the part played by the government in the considerable difficulties faced by Indian tribes.. ...

Yes, our Founding Fathers did do some very wrong things. They broke just about each and every treaty they signed with the original inhabitants of our land. We should have righted many wrongs long time ago, but we did not for one reason or another. Now, may be late, but better late than never hopefully applies here too. Which opens the door to other questions--such as my favorite baseball team--The Cleveland Indians--whose mascot is totally disrespectful to Native Americans--something must be changed that is fair to all. After all, I confess I grew up rooting for the Cleveland Indians--We should make some changes, but please not a complete over-haul.  In addition, there is the question of Mount Rushmore--which was carved on Indian Territory--Since one cannot uncarve a monument--what does one do that is possible and is far and just for all concerned???????????