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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Afternoon--Fighting the Good Fight For Jobs

How Your Work History Affects Your Job Hunt in the New Age of Work
Here’s how the job market that’s spun off from the new economy has changed the definition of a successful career. Read more »
When you graduate college, you’re inundated with cookie-cutter advice like, “Follow your DREAMS!” Here’s some advice that’s actually helpful.
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Actually Enjoy Public Speaking? Top 7 Careers for Crowd Pleasers
Most everyone hates speaking in front of a crowd. So if that’s one of your skills, take advantage. Read more »

Republican super-Pacs outgun Obama -

Where is George Soros when you need him? Many Democratic hardheads have asked that question over the past 12 months as they have watched new pro-Republican groups filling their campaign chests with...
YES, There is some hiring. Why else when hiring could be more and should be more, that it isn't.  I live in the 'Battleground' State of Ohio, where we have been suffering through one of the longest campaign seasons in History. The attack ads against President Obama and Freshman Senator Sherrod Brown started even before the Election of November of 2011, despite the fact that the General Election will not  be until November of 2012. Some of us, Me, miss the the 'Time-Out' between elections, because some of us, Me, have lives outside of Politcs, like Baseball--(Last I heard Cleveland Indians #1 in Central Division--Go! Tribe!)

With all the ads that the United States Commerse sponsors one would think that the only Business of Business is to kick out as many Democrats from office after office as they can.

Maybe it is me, but there seems to be too much of an (IMO-UnHoly) alliance between Right-Wing Christianity, 'Big Business' and the Republican Party--that if the Republicans do take back the White House only 1% of the American population will truly benefit from it, IMO, each and every other group Will Suffer one way or another or in All 2 many WayS.

10 Things Your Career Counselor Isn’t Telling You

Fact: Until you find a job, looking for a job is your job. No matter what you do or where you live, you must treat this process as if it were your job. So, we’re going to explore a list of strategic.....

Speaking of people who actually want the economy to succeed, we need more of those people succeeding in order to spread the wealth, because there are far too many greedy people hording the money.  We have got to learn to share the wealth, because what is good for one is good for all. This is a Global Economy and as sure as the Middle Class is the Backbone of American Society, The Middle Class and or lack of a Middle Class determines whether a Country is developed or an Underdeveloped country that is ripe for a 'Revolution'.

International Business News
Top International Business News. Up-To-Date Headlines Posted Daily.

Reason X+1 why I pass on as much as I can about Jobs--Jobs--Jobs--->

Economic Depression Continues to Spur on Suicides in Europe

Economic Depression Continues to Spur on Suicides in EuropeGreece and Italy are normally associated with beautiful sea views, earthy food and vibrant culture. In the last few years, however, these countries have also experienced some of the worst economic hardships as the European and global economies have weakened.
Last month a retired Greek man, Dimitris Christoulas, shot himself in a public square in Athens. In a report issued by CBS News, the retired pharmacist committed suicide due to the debt crisis in Greece and the resultant austerity measures that have brought many Greek families to the brink of ruin. The number of suicides increased by about 40 percent in the second half of 2011 and has continued to pose a problem in Greece. NPR has stated that about 30 percent of Greek families live below the poverty line.
Christoulas’ suicide sparked a number of protests in the streets in Greece. He became an icon of the severity that has plunged so many families into poverty.
This saddens me beyond all words. After all, Suicide is such a permanent cure for a temporary problem. This is yet another reason that I am, through this blog, trying harder and harder to do more about help with job searching, we must not give up on life---WE MUST NOT GIVE UP ON LIFE--LIFE IS TOO VALUABLE OF A GIFT TO GIVE UP ON--EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR LIVES ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

Which is why I am as passing this e-mail along. With any luck and a wing and a prayer this can be helpful to someone, I hope, but can not guarantee.

Livin’ the Dream: Isabel Finds Her Voice
Like many women, Isabel, 64, was raised to believe bragging was bad manners. But after jumping back into the job market in Tallahassee, FL, recently, she realized that being polite was holding her back.

“I have been told by interviewers that I need to improve when it comes to talking about myself,” she says. And that’s where expert coach Ramit Sethi came in.
Out of the Box
You can access Ramit’s invaluable interview advice here—the same coaching material (text and video) Ramit shared with Isabel. Do it now—it’s only available for 24 hours!

After speaking with Ramit, Isabel realized that she needed to reframe her perspective on self-promotion. It’s less about selling yourself, and more about focusing on how you can solve problems.

“The most valuable thing I learned, beyond the need to practice, is that listing my accomplishments isn’t boasting about myself,” Isabel says. “It’s about the needs of the company and the position.”

Isabel’s homework:

1 Practice interviewing with a friend to improve verbal focus and elaboration skills.
2 Craft three stories that illustrate how she’s successfully handled business issues in the past.
3 Spend time preparing for interviews by imagining what potential employers will ask, and what fears they have about the hiring process. Isabel has already gotten positive feedback from one interviewer after acting on Ramit’s advice. Next, we’ll see how much better she can do with a little coaching and some practice!

 May I also post for anyone's and everyone's consideration, who is job hunting or 
knows someone who is job hunting-->
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