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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All the Women of the United States Must stand together 4 each other, 4 ourselves and 4 our daughters and 4 their daughters with caring Men who truly believe in Justice

As a survivor of sexual assault, this issue is personal to me.

Despite President Obama’s veto threat, Republicans just passed a bill that denies protections for victims of domestic violence if they are legal immigrants, Native Americans, or members of the LGBT community.

Republicans are calling it their “Violence Against Women Act.” The truth is any bill that discriminates against women because of their ethnic background or sexual orientation is not worthy of being called the Violence Against Women Act.

Will you stand with us for protecting all women in the Violence Against Women Act?

Stand with President Obama: Help us reach 100,000 strong for a real Violence Against Women Act -- Add your name today >>

      Rep. Gwen Moore

Yes, We All Should Support Each and Every Victim of crimes--especially violent crimes.